Tuesday, July 30

Music Spotlight: Bastille

Case of the Mondays anyone?  With this week being the last week of summer research on campus, it's difficult to get through each day.  I'm excited to get out of Williamsburg and return back to my family, good food, and my cozy, if not cluttered bedroom.  The sterile-ness that is my current room is starting to take its toll on me.

To help us all along, why not listen to a new band?  Bastille!  Listen and enjoy!

"Pompeii" Bastille

"These Streets" Bastille

"Overjoyed" Bastille

Ack, I probably should've posted about Bastille on the 18th.  I missed the perfect opportunity for a corny Bastille Day joke.  :)

Currently listening to: "These Streets" Bastille

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