Sunday, October 27

2013 Homecoming Weekend

This weekend was WM's Homecoming.  As a senior still attending The College, it wasn't so much a coming home event as it was a weekend with a nonstop schedule of events.

The highlights of the weekend would have to be Spotlight's Homecoming performance, the WM vs. JMU football game, the brilliantly amazing Freelance Whales concert, and my parents and brother making a visit.

Perfect weather and a victory against JMU was a great start to the night.  While the first half was pretty slow, I will say that it was an exciting game.

Unnecessary selfie taken before the Freelance Whales concert, an indie rock group from Brooklyn, New York.  And the best on campus concert I've been to my four years at WM.

Opener, John & Jacob.

Judah Dadone, lead singer of Freelance Whales!

Hayley's setlist that I got her to sign.  :D

Picture with some of the band.

Seeing alumni come back to The College, while heartwarming, makes us seniors remember the reality of this year.  It's time for us to decide what the hell we'll be doing come the spring.  And time to remember to make the most of senior year.

Currently listening to: "Hannah" Freelance Whales

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