Saturday, October 5

Farm 2 Fork

I'm beyond excited to write a post about the amazing dinner I went to yesterday.  Our campus held their 2nd annual Farm to Fork dinner outside on the Sunken Gardens.  The idea of the dinner was to take food produced and grown in local farms and put together a big, family-style dinner for a couple hundred foodies and people who want to feel good about knowing where their food is coming from.

After a stressful and busy week, this event was great for getting my spirits back up.  The event started just before sundown and it was a perfect autumn atmosphere.  All guests that attended were given small jars of local jam to take with them; I took back strawberry and blackberry jam.  The table setting was a basket filled with autumnal vegetables and a mason jar with water and rosemary.  Throughout the dinner, there were various folk music groups performing.

Table setting.  The basket and pumpkin are looking great in my apartment now.

Most importantly, the dinner was phenomenal.  A picture of the menu is up above and I think my favorite course was the wild mushroom lasagna, with the crab dip a close second.  The combination of the incredible food and the meal being family-style resulted in a comatose-like state by the end of the dinner.

Roast Free Range Chicken with Assorted Vegetables and Seasonal Greens

 Five Spice Rubbed Beef Brisket with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Supporting local farmers and smart, healthy eating are both things for which I am a big proponent. Having learned about the food industry methods and the environmental effects, in addition to its effect on small and local farmers, has led me to "shop on the edges of the supermarket" and buy organic and seasonal as often as I can.  This dinner was the perfect mix of my environmental and food consciousness.

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