Friday, July 10

Delmar Loop, St. Louis

Almost a month and a half ago, I was in St. Louis for the 63rd American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting.  Among the talks, poster presentations, and hob-nobbing that went on, I had a bit of time to explore the city by myself.  One of the places I had researched before arriving was Delmar Loop, an artsy district in St. Louis.  There were tens of unique and cool restaurants and shops, I thought it was absolutely amazing.  And glad that I didn't live in the area, else I'd be broke...having spent all my money on vintage clothing and accessories, and records.

The first place that I saw open on the rainy Sunday morning.

Mannequins like these were decorated up and down the Loop.

Of course I had to find a record store.

And a vintage thrift store.

Lastly, the old-fashioned candy and soda store.  I tried to be artistic.

Visiting places like Delmar Loop makes me crave a walkable and unique area wherever I end up living.  I don't think I'd ever get tired of it.

More tourist-y pictures, Gateway Arch and the more historic area, to come.  And of course, the City Museum.

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