Saturday, November 12

Fall Wish List

So it's the middle of November and it still hasn't felt like fall to me, at least weather-wise. While I'm okay with it, I'm just worried that my fall's being cut short with all this pseudo-warm weather and then before I know it, it'll be winter.

One of the best things about the WM campus is that there's a specific style of the students here, which I love. Walking around campus, I've seen some things that I'm putting on my "things I want, but will never probably get" list.

1.UO canvas backpack: I'm imagining myself with my lab goggles just hanging off the edge of this backpack. aka, epitome of WM style. :) #twamplife
2. oversized cardigan: and by this, I mean really oversized. Because nothing's better in the winter than being super warm.

3. UO maroon corduroys: enough said.