Sunday, November 6

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Ahh, I haven't updated this in over a month. It's getting down to the end of the semester and I still can't believe it's even sophomore year. I finally declared my Chemistry major last Monday, aka signed my death certificate for the rest of my college experience. But I'm making up for the upcoming hell by making the most of my weekends. :)

A bit of old news, but two Thursdays ago was the season finale of Project Runway. And I have to admit that I was upset by this season's winner. While there was no doubt that Anya designed beautiful clothes, she had very little versatility with her collection pieces and could not compare to the other contestants when it came to sewing ability. My favorite out of the finalists to win it was Viktor, even though I would've loved Anthony Ryan to win it from the beginning. His collection prior to PR was beautiful and I just loved it.

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