Sunday, July 22

"I haven't felt this alive in a long time"

Last Friday night (no Katy Perry reference intended), me and a friend went to a concert at the Norva.  The main act was Kishi Bashi and the two opening acts were Sea Monster and The Aragona Project.

The venue was absolutely gorgeous.  It's a large open floor, right up to the stage.  My favorite part was the chandelier hanging from the enormous, three story ceilings.  My pictures just don't do it justice.

Opener Sea Monster and the cartoon drawing of me that he did.

Me and the lead singer/guitarist of The Aragona Project.  They were great live, and he was really cute, so I had to get a picture..

My friend, Jack, and Kishi Bashi.  He was beyond amazing; I've never heard anything like him.

Outfit picture I took in a hurry before the concert.  I knotted a large white pocket tee from Goodwill, shorts from Goodwill, some knee high socks, and my old black Vans.  I had to crop out my face; I was doing something crazy with my face.

Post title are lyrics from "Manchester" by Kishi Bashi.  It was amazing hearing this song live.  My family also visited yesterday, and while the weather was pretty dreadful for both Friday and Saturday, this was one of my favorite weekends of the summer so far.  :)

Currently listening to: nothing, as I am at work..again

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