Monday, July 16

I'll Be Alright

I'm just going to come out and say it.  Passion Pit has canceled six of their initial tour dates, including the one I was going to.  This Friday.  :(

I wasn't so much upset as disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see them.  As I told my sister when I called her, this would've been my first "real concert experience."  And by that, I mean the process of "I like this band.  I wonder if they're playing near me, I'd really like to see them.  Oh they are, let's buy tickets.  Tickets acquired.  Win."  (Yes, that is how my train of thought flows)  I've been to concerts before, but this would've been an amazing experience.

But it isn't all bad news.  One of the opening acts, Kishi Bashi, is playing the Norva.  I've heard that Kishi Bashi is good live, so I'm hopeful.  I'm listening to them again and liking what I hear.

My parents are also coming down this Saturday and there's a beach excursion planned, so look forward to a post about that soonafter.

Here's some stuff by Kishi Bashi though.  There's nothing like discovering a new band.

"Bright Whites" Kishi Bashi

"Manchester" Kishi Bashi 

Title from a Passion Pit song, of course.  A bit of mourning is in order.

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