Wednesday, July 4

Looking good for 236.

Happy birthday, America!

While I spent most of my Fourth of July at work, I swung by a 4th of July event on the other side of campus.  Living in a colonial city, I would've loved to have been able to spend the day in Colonial Williamsburg and the re-enactors.  There was even a dramatic reading of the Declaration earlier today.  Of course, I would expect nothing less.  There's a fireworks display later tonight, so that should be fun.

And tomorrow, drumroll please, is my visit back home!  I look forward to seeing my family, my belated birthday present from my sister, and my Modcloth package!  Hopefully, I'll also be able to buy a new camera.  Nothing too spectacular, just a new one so I can leave my current one at home.


After work, I put on a red top from Ross, some jeans turned shorts, and my trusty old Vans.

I'm thinking of wearing this top to the concert later this month.

I even tried to celebrate Independence Day through my food.  There's nothing like fresh fruit during the summer.

Currently listening to: "Goodbye" Aaron Tveit (from the musical, Catch Me If You Can, which I'm quickly becoming obsessed with)

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