Monday, July 9

"Let me be your ride out of town"

As you all know, I had the fortunate chance to go home for a couple days this past weekend.  When I got home, I was met with a pleasant surprise.  I had belated birthday presents from my sister, a postcard from my roommate, who was studying abroad in Prague, and my Modcloth package.  So needless to say, I was like the typical 'kid at Christmas.'

While the 'Stylish Surprise' I received from Modcloth isn't really my style, I'll find a way to make it work.  The material itself is fairly lightweight, so I'm thinking tights, belt, flats, and chunky cardigan?  Nice outfit for fall. 

The presents from my sister were all Jersey Boys related.  :)  Which ties in beautifully with my current "revival" (see what I did there?) for Broadway and musicals.  I got a songbook, a Fallen Angel keychain, and a poster.

For dinner one night, we made spring rolls, or gỏi cuốn.  Having meals back home always makes coming back to school that much harder.

Some ingredients (to feed a small army):

Before rolling:

Finished product:

I'm glad I had my time to relax, but now it's back to work for me.

Currently listening to: "Run Away With Me" Josh Henry

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