Monday, August 20

Hello, my name is Kathy...

...and I have a slight problem.  Well, I have many, but one in particular is starting to rear its ugly head.

I like to keep busy.  Free time is just another opportunity for me to add something else to my schedule.  And junior year (the most difficult year I will have in college) is no different.

I've written about this before, but I'll say it again, I love guard.  Marching band, winterguard, drum corps.  I just fell in love with it in high school and still am.  Long story short, I'm trying to make colorguard a fixture at The College once again, forming a guard that will perform with the pep band throughout the year.  It's just a seed of an idea, but I'm already getting anxious at the thought of performing again, with a guard and a choreographed routine.

It was probably a mix of my brother having his high school band camp right now, the Drum Corps International showing in theatres a few weeks back, and one of my high school guard girls posting a picture after her first day at her university's band camp, but hopefully this can turn into something real.

I'm trying not to think about uniforms, if The College has enough equipment, tape, practice space, teaching basics and choreography, and everything that comes with getting a guard show together.  *sigh*  Baby steps.

Currently listening to watching: an amazing guard solo that I came across a few weeks ago

Wish me luck!

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