Wednesday, August 29

Ready or not, here comes junior year.

Today was the first real day of junior year.  My parents and I drove down Sunday morning and they helped me move in.  After catching up with some friends for a couple days, the first day of classes arrived.

This semester I'm taking two pretty hard chem classes, so I'm anxious to see how I fare with it all.  Sad life of a hard science major: I have 12 hours of lecture and probably 16 hours of lab a week.  And that only counts for 15 credit hours this semester.  Ahhh.

I know it's a failed picture, but I feel like it would've been cool if I had positioned the camera correctly.  Oh well.

Earring display that I made a few weeks ago!  I bought the frame from Goodwill and had some lace saved for DIY projects.  :)

Currently listening to: "The World Will Know" Newsies OBC

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