Wednesday, August 1

August Inspiration

Is it really already the first day of August?  By the end of the month, I'll be starting the second half of college.  That is crazy and still hard for me to believe.

But in the meantime, here's what August makes me think of.  Enjoy!

Summer outfits.
Pinned Image

cream bralet and floral shorts :)




Fruity drinks and my mother's cooking.
bánh hỏi

gỏi cuốn  :)

A Beautiful Mess.  abeautifulmess

All pictures (and more!) can be found on my Pinterest.  :)

I hope everyone's been enjoying their summer!

Currently listening to: the amazing and gorgeous choreography from Oxygen's dance series, All the Right Moves

What I didn't realize until just now was that the Dancing with the Stars video I posted here is actually danced by the dance company in this show, Shaping Sound.

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