Tuesday, April 16

Coachella Dreaming

To the people who thought livestreaming Coachella via Youtube would be a good idea, I applaud you.  It's the only way that I, and thousands of other broke, but concert-addicted people can get their music festival fix.

Lovely fashion inspiration of some that were lucky enough to go.

Bethany from Snakes Nest

Bonnie from Flashes of Style

Christina from Trop Rouge

Danielle from Creative Collective

Maybe one day.  Going to a music festival is still extremely high on my wish list.

In the meantime, I am blogging instead of studying for the exam I have tomorrow.  These are sad times indeed.

Currently listening to: "Chloroform" Phoenix (song off their latest album that I heard for the first time at the livestream)  It starts around 4:15.

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