Monday, April 29

"I'd stay if I could, but the universe won't let me"

This past weekend was the interim time between classes and finals.  And as it is every year, the entire campus was one continuous party.  Friday, the last day of classes, LDOC, known more affectionately as Blowout, consisted of carnival rides, free food, and lots of people-watching.  I had a lot of fun; I think I spent it appropriately and well.

Seniors in line to ring the Wren Bell; one of the graduation traditions at the College.

Cover band on the Sunken Gardens.

Me taking selfies at Spotlight's second annual toasting of the Little Theatre.

Gentlemen of the College final concert.

Playbill for Les Misérables in Norfolk!  Amazing show and talent.

My friends and I have come up with a brilliant plan for next year's Blowout (even though we probably shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead).  Friday morning will consist of brunch, ringing the Wren Bell together, assorted festivities ...appropriate to Blowout, and no schoolwork.  I can't even believe how quickly this year went by, and how quickly senior will also.  Even so, I've haven't wasted away junior year, so for that I am glad.

Currently listening to: "The Goodbye Song" Smash (my current obsession, for obvious reasons)

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