Saturday, April 6

Down to the Wire

Three weeks left to the semester and I (along with every other person I've spoken to in the past week) am freaking out.  I'm used to papers and assignments being due the last week of classes, but I have never been this stressed out about how I would get it all done.

What my near future looks like:

I am trying to keep a bit of sanity however.  AMP's Fridays at Five have started up again for the remainder of the semester and yesterday, I heard the wonderful Owen Danoff and friends play on the Terrace.  Gorgeous day, a reallyy attractive lead singer, and good music.  It almost made me forget about the marathon of work I'll have to look forward to for the next three weeks.

Currently listening to: "Have I Ever Fallen" Owen Danoff (as soon as I heard this song start, I knew I had to buy the EP)

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