Sunday, March 27

Hello, Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law states that "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

That seemed to be the moral of yesterday's events.

To start over though, I had my second winterguard competition yesterday and the judges were to see the entire, completed version of our 2011 show. We were no longer changing drill of writing new work, just cleaning.

Well, the competition was at CNU, which is a little more than half an hour away from campus. That gave us time to practice before we had to leave. When we arrived at our usual practice space in the morning, there were people occupying that room and our back-up room. So no practice beforehand; we could still do mock drill and mock work in another room, right? Ehh, kinda. Problem number 2: we were only able to acquire one car to drive the team (seven members), the floor, and all of the equipment to CNU. And being that we don't have a circus clown VW, that would not be possible. The solution: take two trips... We would drive two members and all of the equipment to CNU first and then return for the remaining members.

By the time that the entire team and our equipment was at CNU, I was pretty carsick and just frustrated in general. But do the problems end there? Of course not..that would be too easy. Because this was CNU's first time hosting a competition, no one knew what was going on.. and disorganized officials plus an already annoyed team does not lead to good vibes.

But while some other team members went to get food, I asked them to get me a Sprite and I would stay behind, trying to calm my carsick-ness. When they returned, the officials told them that food and drink wasn't allowed inside of the gym. I guess they missed the 15 or so people bringing in their food and soda..maybe they just hate us? I'll stick with that one. So we were eating outside, in the cold. Yay..

I would now describe the ridiculous layout of this competition, but it wouldn't translate well so I won't. I will say that body warm-up, equipment warm-up, and the actual performance space was in the same gym. Oh, and it was a silent warm-up as to not disrupt the performers. Hm, I guess I ended up describing the layout anyway..

Let me think of what else went wrong..oh yes, the actual performance. Essentially, I screwed up in places I shouldn't have and my top stopper came off right before I ended my solo and the show. Thank you, people who check the equipment. Urghhh. And lastly, one of the members' friends was coming to CNU to take her back to school. And while the original plan was for her to also take back a couple of us, she was not able we all got to stay for the entire competition. That wasn't too bad because I love being at guard competitions with a fiery passion, but I was in a horribly bad mood..and let people know.

A small glimmer of happiness did arise in me yesterday, at the strangest time. There was a tiny percussion division also attending the competition and I absolutely loveed them. So while I don't want to say this, watching an indoor drumline made my day..? Huh??

Whew, well that was my day. Sucks, didn't it? Doesn't it make you appreciate your Saturday so much more now? Haha.

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