Wednesday, May 23

20 Things

As of last Monday, I am no longer a teen.  You're looking at the proud owner of twenty years on this earth.  I'm trying to make it sound super glamorous, but it really isn't.  I don't feel particularly different.  But I did have a great birthday weekend.

I worked Saturday, but was off Sunday and Monday.  My parents "surprised" me by coming down to visit me on Sunday.  And by surprise, I mean they called me the night before to make sure I would be free.  But it was nice to see them, seeing as this was my first summer away from home.  On Sunday, a friend of mine drove down to campus to see me.  I can't quickly describe how grateful I was that he came down, but let it be known that his presence was greatly appreciated and needed.

In honor of my birthday, I'm going to post twenty quick facts about myself, ranging from basic to weird facts.

1. My mom is the most amazing cook I know.
2. I am short; 5 foot 3 inches.
3. I love fashion because I can express myself without saying a word.
4. Fruit is the best dessert.
5. I'm a PC.
6. Absolutely love musicals.
7. My family means more to me than anything else in the world.
8. My favorite color to wear is cream.
9. I have really weird habits...
10. I love a cappella groups, and a cappella in general.

11. I did colorguard in high school and absolutely love it; always have and always will.
12. I have some weird dream of performing on Broadway as an ensemble member/dancer.
13. ...I'm not great at singing or dancing.
14. I love my school.
15. I get attached far too quickly and far too hard.
16. I want to go on a cross country road trip really bad.
17. ...I get carsick very easily.
18. I live for blog giveaways.  Not really, but yeah...
19. It got to the point during the school year that my friends would find it weird that I was wearing actual pants.  Who needs pants when you have tights?
20. I love the fashion blogosphere; it makes me feel less weird wearing the clothes I do around campus.

Currently listening to: "Summer Skin" Death Cab for Cutie

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  1. Happy Birthday! As someone who is getting dangerously close to 30, I have to say my twenties have been some really great years. I hope yours are, too!