Sunday, May 27

"I'm at a payphone trying to call home"

My parents and little brother visited me again this weekend.  They don't come down every weekend, I promise... They really don't.  This is my first summer away from home, so I guess they miss me; hence the visits.  :)  But this weekend, we met up at Virginia Beach with some of my other relatives.  It was a gorgeous people-watching, boardwalk-walking, laying down in the sun, feeling the cool ocean breeze kind of day.

For some reason, I didn't bring my swimsuit, so couldn't really enjoy the beach to its fullest potential.  But I had fun away from campus and with family.  My family doesn't know how much I appreciate their visits, especially at a time where I'm just feeling particularly alone, physically and emotionally.

My attempt at artistic photography with a super old camera.

Parents!  This really is the cutest thing ever.  Cuter than all the kittens and puppies on the internet, and trust me because I do love my baby animals on the internet.

My oh, so elusive brother.  He's not one for pictures, but I can always be sure to snap some when we're at the beach.

I hope everyone's weekend also went swimmingly, no pun intended.  And now with my camera back in my possession, I hope to have more random photos up..including those pesky outfit shots.

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  1. Beach! It looks absolutely beautiful at Virginia Beach, especially spent with your family.