Tuesday, May 29

"We're not the same, dear, as we used to be"

I finally wore the Romwe top I bought months ago, for the first time today at work.  During the school year, I would think about wearing it, but always changed my mind.

And speaking of Romwe, they're having a great giveaway.  A gorgeous backless shift dress, a $50 voucher, and a secret gift.  Check out the giveaways on these blogs: helpihavenothingtowear, Masha Sedgwick, High-Stitched Voice, and shesconstance.

I take the pictures using a self-timer on my very old camera, so the majority of them come out pretty blurry.  But I'll admit, sometimes I like the blurry pictures better.

Also, oddly enough, I keep getting ideas for more blog posts.  I'm usually struggling to come up with things to post about.  Oh well.  I'm liking that I'll be updating my blog with purpose this summer.  A music post and a post about my summer dwellings are coming soon.  :)

Currently listening to: "Ice is Getting Thinner" Death Cab for Cutie

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