Thursday, May 3

Summertime and the living is easy

My first week of finals is officially over!  Well, over as of noon today.  I had three finals this week and my last one is next Wednesday.  So I think I'm just going to laze around and leisurely study General Chemistry II for the next couple days.  Unfortunately even with a few days until my last exam, I won't be able to go to my sister's college graduation on Saturday.  :(  And I'll only see her for a few hours when I go back home.

I'm working on campus this summer (free housing, free meal plan, and a stipend).  The job itself is nothing great, but the perks are pretty sweet.  I know a good amount of people staying here also, so I won't be too bored.  I do have personal goals and things I want to do here during the summer:
- read the Hunger Games trilogy
- go to the gym (hopefully...we'll see)
- attempt to cook meals for myself (to ease myself into the transition to real life..or just less of a meal plan)
- enjoy the beautiful campus during the summer
- go thrifting...often
- actually take those outfit photos I said I was going to

Speaking of is my first set of outfit photos.  Don't laugh, I never said I was photogenic.



Me trying to be cool:

I was pretty impressed with the total cost of the outfit.  I got the top at Rue21 for $3.00 and the shorts I mentioned in a previous post for $2.50.  But all in all, a nice outfit for a warm Williamsburg day.

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