Monday, February 15

History is Happening in Manhattan (NYC Trip Part 4)

Saving the best for last.  I was incredibly grateful to a friend of mine for having bought me tickets to see Hamilton while I was up in NYC.  Over the past five years or so, I've posted about In the Heights and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is a complete inspiration to me and has the mind of a lyrical genius, more than a few times.  Hamilton has essentially become the next big thing on Broadway, everyone from President Obama and his family to the late Alan Rickman to Beyonce and Jay-Z have seen the show.  I've been following Lin for years now and I'm so glad that the first seeing him perform was in this game-changing show.

While walking around during BroadwayCon, I spotted Alex Lacamoire, the music director of Heights and Hamilton, and like the fangirl I am, stood shocked for a minute, them asked him for a picture.

Stage door'ing the Richard Rodgers Theater!

Betsy Struxness, swing.

Chris Jackson, George Washington.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, genius.  Oh wait, I mean Alexander Hamilton.

Creeper picture of Jonathan Groff while I was waiting in line to get into the theater.

Seeing the show, my view.

Wonderfully talented actors and dancers.  It was a shame that I wasn't able to see or meet Seth Stewart, who played Graffiti Pete in Heights.

As hyped as this show is at the moment, everyone and their mother seems to be selling their souls for tickets to this show, my personal opinion is that it was absolutely worth it.  And I doubt you'll find many people who say otherwise.  It was an absolutely incredible show and performance, the performers were at the top of their game, and I might've cried...three times.  Nothing much came as a surprise to me, I've listened to the cast album for months now.  But it was seeing it come to life, and the emotion that the actors put into their performance, and maybe just the overwhelming realization that I was one of the special few who was actually seeing Hamilton, that made the experience what it was.

Currently listening to: "History Has Its Eyes on You" Hamilton OBC

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