Tuesday, February 16

Long time, no see, Katsucon. (Part 1)

This past weekend was a flashback to a former time, when I was in middle school and a pretty big anime watcher.  And where, unsurprisingly, my sister and I loved to obsess over the shows and characters.  I attended my first anime convention with my sister and father about ten years ago.  I attended my second this weekend.  Seeing the panels and cosplay were exhilarating and reminded me of the good ol' days.

Katsucon 2016 was at the Gaylord Convention Center at the National Harbor during the coldest weekend of the winter.  The days were long, the invited guests were hilarious, and the cosplays were everywhere.  Purchased or hand-made, the majority of the attendees were in some sort of cosplay and it was pretty great to see.  The first of two Katsucon cosplay posts is of some of the anime cosplays we saw at the convention.

Ciel Phantomhive, Grell Sutcliff, and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.

Inuyasha, Sango, Kagome Higurashi, Miroku from Inuyasha.

Rintarō Okabe and Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate.

Conny Springer (maybe?) and a young Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.  Recognize Mikasa?  Yeah, that's me...I decided to go for an easy cosplay.

Found an Uta no Prince-Sama cosplay group and my sister joined in!

And now for the sports anime cosplays, because there were so many of them.

Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basuke.

Rin Matsuoka from Free!

Nana Sakurai from Prince of Stride: Alternative.

My first love, when it comes to anime characters.  Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing.

My sister and I already have our sights set on our next convention.  Otakon is in August and I'll be happily indulging her for a cosplay pairing.  As creative a person I am, my ideas far outweigh my skills at the moment, but seeing all of the attendees in cosplay fueled my fire to have at least one cosplay ready by Otakon.

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