Monday, February 1

Stargazing at BroadwayCon (NYC Trip Part 1)

Like I alluded to in my last post, I just came back from a musical theater fan's ideal vacation.  The first ever BroadwayCon took place in NYC January 22-24, headed by Anthony Rapp.  This was meant for aspiring actors, but also just fans of Broadway.  Anthony Rapp and a few others organized panels, workshops, and performances to take us attendees into the ins and outs of the business and to get a chance to hear/meet some amazing actors.

While these pictures aren't editorial, I wanted to share a few of the panels we went to.

The Phantom of the Opera panel that was added at the last minute, featuring the record-breaking Howard McGillin and Sandra Joseph and members of the PotO crew.  This spectacular and timeless show became my and my sister's first Broadway show (we ended up seeing it that following Monday).

Spring Awakening revival done by Deaf West.  All puns aside, these actors made me fall in love with Spring Awakening all over again, and I spent the next two days trying to see this heartwrenchingly beautiful show before it closed that Sunday.  Special thanks to Spencer Liff for incorporating ASL and movement into the choreography, and all the actors for making it so special.  "Not a revival, but a reincarnation" is really the truth.

The much anticipated Hamilton panel.  Needless to say, the biggest actors in the biggest show on Broadway right now.  Lin-Manuel Miranda has been an incredible source of inspiration for me for years now and hearing him speak (and inevitably rap) was pretty amazing.  The story of Hamilton and how it went from an idea to the biggest thing in NYC right now is pretty great.

20th Anniversary of Rent reunion, with many members of the original cast, in addition to other guests.  Endless thanks to Anthony Rapp for continuing to be so dedicated to Jonathan Larson's memory and to Rent.  Did I cry?  Maybe.  Also, personally witnessing Daphne Rubin-Vega Facetime Jesse L. Martin was hilarious and wonderful at the same time.

The first day of BroadwayCon was hectic, tiring, but so worth it.  Being around so many other theater fans was so incredibly draining, but being able to be in "the room where it happened" was pretty irreplaceable.

Currently listening to: "Brother" Austin McKenzie cover (if you watch no more Youtube videos today, please end with this one.  I'll even embed it in this post for convenience.)

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