Monday, February 15

Post-Blizzard Shenanigans (NYC Trip Part 3)

The blizzard itself hit Saturday and BroadwayCon ended the next day.  Because we were there for a few more days, we were able to explore the city in its new winter wonderland form.  We got to experience Times Square as it rarely is, empty and quiet.  Here's an assortment of pictures from those days.

Pre-blizzard Times Square.

Post-blizzard Times Square.

Views from our hotel room.

An unexpected part of the trip was my revived love for Spring Awakening, a musical that first came to Broadway in 2006.  The 2015 revival of the Deaf West Theatre production became my new fixation during this trip, so the morning of the blizzard, my sister and I tried our hands at the lottery for that day's show.  Unfortunately, we didn't end up winning, but shortly before the show, all Broadway shows for Saturday were cancelled due to the blizzard conditions.  We tried again on closing night, but alas, luck was not in our favor.

Then of course we did a little sightseeing.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Central Park.

Waiting in line to be audience members at Late Night with Seth Meyers.

It seems fitting that I publish this post weeks later, when the snow is once again coming down.

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