Sunday, March 20

Are We Human or Dancer?

Yesterday was essentially filled with dance. But I wasn't complaining.

William & Mary hosted the first ever Tribal Breaks yesterday. It was essentially a bboy competition, with crews from different states throughout the East Coast. One of my friends wanted me to go, so I did. When I first got there, I saw no one I knew, so it was a bit awkward. However, I think one of the best parts about yesterday was realizing that two seniors from Spotlight, the show choir I'm in, were also there. And with them, it's always a good time. Shameless plug for the awesomeness that is these two people, but I'm going to miss them so much next year.

The competition itself was so intense. Bboying is ridiculous, but so cool. I could try and describe it, but I would not do it justice. Aside from the bboying, some of the guys there were pretty attractive, so it made it that much easier for me to stay for the entire thing. So shout-out to Incredible Sushi Kings and 5 Crew Dynasty and congratulations to 5 Crew for winning the competition.

At around midnight, my friend and I went to a dance party at one of the frats on campus. We had gone at around 11:00 but the dance floor was dead. So after a refusal to pre-game with one of my other friends, we just went back to the dorm and went back later. It was a lot of fun though. Most amusing conversation last night went as follows: (Guy A is the person that danced with me, Guy B the person that danced with my friend)

Guy A (to Guy B): Hey.
B: I don't know you.
A: So I want to dance with this girl. Could you ask her friend to dance, because girls never like to be left alone.

And then he proceeded to ask me to dance. I mean, it worked, but I was so tempted to tell him "You know I heard all that right?" but I felt like that would've seen bitchy.. However, I recognized the guy as someone that I had danced with at a previous party, which made me wonder if he remembers who he's danced with, but I guess not. I'm not going to go into detail, but he was cool. I remember him as the guy that says "Thank you" after we finish dancing. That does not mean that he's a nice guy while dancing...

But my friend and I left the party at around 2 in the morning..when the cops broke it up? Another question I had was that if the cops essentially knew that there would be partying and thus underage drinking at some frat every weeknight, why don't they break it up earlier? And were they even there to break up the party because of drinking? Hm..questions.

Slightly unrelated, but one of my friends was talking to bboy group from NYC, because that's where she's from, and they asked about stuff happening after. And if I was there with her at the time, I would've definitely asked if they wanted to go the dance party too. It would've been cool.

So I'm glad the first weekend back was enjoyable. But now it is Sunday, and I have reading to do.

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