Saturday, March 5

Friends in High Places

Public television. Something that is underappreciated by all of us. With the hundreds of channels most people are able to get, few ever choose to watch public stations anymore. At least, that's what I assume. That said, some of the best televised concert performances I have been discovered via PBS.

Case in point, David Foster's "Great Performances: Hitman Returns." For those of you who don't know who David Foster is, he is a producer who has produced countless number of artists and hits. You may not recognize his name or face, but the songs that he's helped produce have become timeless, even decades after their debut.

To give you a taste of who David Foster considers his 'good friends;' Celine Dion, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer..I could continue, but I won't. As I was watching his two-hour PBS special, I was continuously awestruck as to the people he's met and the songs he's associated with. Most of the songs performed were from decades past, but definitely unforgettable. While I will not be donating any money to the public television cause, mainly because I can't afford to (see what I did there?), I will be greatly saddened the day that public television must come to an end because of lack of funding. So if you need a cause and absolutely cannot live without music, PBS is a great cause.

And now, I'm watching the love of my musical life, Jason Mraz. Ahh, musical lovee overload.

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