Sunday, March 20

We So Excited

While it is not in fact Friday anymore, this weekend has been "fun, fun, fun, fun." See what I did there? Haha. Don't worry, I will not give an extensive analysis or even commentary of "Friday" and all that is Rebecca Black.

On Friday night, my friends and I played Cranium. Yes, six college students spent two hours playing Cranium on a Friday night. Well, it is William & Mary, I'm just helping the stereotype. However, it was hilarious. Names will be left out, but the two team mascots (they were made out of extra Play-Doh) were Kung Fu Panda and...Godzilla-Penis. It really was a "you had to be there" moment, but so much fun. Ah, I just wish there was a Facebook picture of Godzilla-Penis. Just imagine the head of Godzilla..and the rest going against the oh-so-innocent Kung Fu Panda.

After our Cranium-fest, Team Kung Fu Panda watched the movie, "Once." It's this indie, foreign movie about two musicians and their lives. And I say foreign, but they were speaking in English, the movie was set in Ireland. However, I will say that I am not very good at understanding heavy accents..but that's a personal problem. So needless to say, the movie was fairly difficult to understand. I was trying my best and I looked over to one of my friends and she asked if I understood what was going on. I told her I did not, and soon realized that all three of us were sufficiently confused as to the plot thus far. So subtitles were added and the real movie-watching experience commenced.

"Once" got a thumbs-up in my book. The music is good, if you like that sort of acoustic, "Mumford & Sons" voice. I like to categorize the movie as having one of those "satisfying, but not" endings. Good nonetheless.

Saturday was even better. Looking at the events of both days, I sort of evolved from doing middle-school to real college weekend things. But that will go in the next post, because I feel this one is too long already.

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