Saturday, June 2

Music as Therapy

I think my rollercoaster of emotions is finally heading back up.  I'm taking the past as just that, the past, and moving on.  I'm taking this summer to "better myself," as my sister would say.  I'm trying to exercise more, eat right, and enjoy life without stressing out too much.  And I really think it's working.  Probably the only good thing about living away from family and close friends for the summer; I can actually implement the changes I want to see in myself, the way I want.  :)

And as music always seems to do, certain songs facilitated the moving on process.  And as always, I'm sharing them with you now:

"Payphone" Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa
What more can I say?  Adam Levine's voice = ♥

"I'll Hold My Breath" Ellie Goulding
I personally love this live version; it's not perfect, by any means, but I love the emotion she puts in it.

"Fine By Me" Andy Grammer feat. Colbie Callait
Lovin' the live version and overall feel of this song.

Currently listening to: "Avada Kedavra" The Age of Rockets

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