Sunday, June 10

Good ol' Vitamin D

Another day off well spent, if I do say so myself.  I did some errands in the morning, but spent the entirety of the afternoon in beautiful Colonial Williamsburg.  I was prepared, with my refillable mug for cold cider, books, iPod, and lunch.  And of course, an appropriate outfit for the 90 degree heat.

The place where I lunched and read was an outdoor area with a trellis made from branches.  It really did block out most of the sunlight, so the heat was bearable. 

After a while, I heard some violin music and thought that they were coming out of speakers.  And then I look over and see an actual violinist.  Of course, I should've expected nothing less; they didn't have speaker rocks in the 1700's.

The second half of the afternoon I came upon entirely by luck.  But I think it was part fate also.  Live music, kitschy things, and people-watching?  Of course I had to stick around.

 Book bags...get it?

And what I wore today: lace tank, Goodwill pants-turned-shorts, golf leaf earrings, and gladiator sandals that have far outlived their life expectancy.

Sometimes I feel a bit out of place spending my free time in CW.  It's as if I'm sharing my home away from home, aka school, with any and all tourists that happen to visit.  But I'm also glad that I get to spend my weekends at fairs and surrounded by colonial interpreters.  :)

Currently listening to: "Eddie's Gun" The Kooks

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