Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day everyone!  I unfortunately couldn't spend the day with my dad or family because of work, but I know he enjoyed himself today.  And why wouldn't he, he went fishing.  :)

But in all seriousness, my father's lived the life of many.  He's seen things and been through things that I can only imagine.  He's worked harder than he should for longer than he should.  He needs very little in his life, a quality that I've admired and inherited.  Call me a daddy's girl, but there is honestly very little I wouldn't do to make him happy.

I've always believed this, but if I only had one wish, it would be that my parents no longer had to work.  They've lived through hard times, both in coming to this country and while here.  So while that isn't quite possible, the only thing I can do is to get through school (successfully, which seems to be harder than I thought) and lessen their worries.

Odds and ends that I found while looking for pictures of my dad.

"Murder in the City" The Avett Brothers

"  A tear fell from my father's eyes
I wondered what my dad would say
He said I love you
And I'm proud of you both,
in so many different ways  "

Happy Father's Day to everyone reading!

Currently listening to: "Murder in the City" The Avett Brothers

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