Tuesday, June 26

Summer Impulses

I'm not one for online purchases.  You can never quite be sure with the sizing and even if you are, sometimes things just look better on the "hanger" (or gorgeous model) than they do on you.  But in the last 24 hours, I made two online purchases, which is a crazy stretch from what I usually do.

The first purchase I made was from Modcloth.  Yay Modcloth!  I'm glad I caught this Facebook fans only special.  As one of my friends stated, it's like "clothing roulette."  I paid $15, told Modcloth my size, and in about two weeks or so, I should get in the mail, my first Modcloth purchase.  The catch is that I have no idea what I'm getting.  But luckily, I love almost everything on the Modcloth website, so hopefully I'm in the clear.  But I'll be sure to post what I get later.

The second purchase was from asianicandy.  I was the winner of Breanne's $25 gift voucher from asianicandy.com.  This one will go a bit more smoothly, because I purchased jewelry and tights.  I'm excited to post pictures when they come though.  :)

This does mean that I will have to calm down with the unnecessary purchases for a while.  I'm going to say until August, but that's probably being very optimistic.

I did think about why I so impulsively made these purchases.  I concluded that it was because when faced with "too good to pass up" specials, I just couldn't say no.  However, it also was six months to Christmas yesterday, June 25th.  So happy halfway to Christmas..day?

Currently listening to: anything In the Heights.  anything with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

like this, for instance, a flashmob of "96,000" at Universal City Walk, in the presence of Lin.

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