Sunday, June 10

Larger Than Life

Sorry for the second post, but this was something I'd been waiting to post until today.

Tonight are the Tony Awards and I have to take a moment and just talk about the wonderful world of theatre and Broadway.  In watching a movie, you don't have to be engaged.  But when watching a musical, you can't help but be taken in to the story.

Last year's opening number with everyone's favorite, Neil Patrick Harris!

Reasons why I love musicals and Broadway:
- they tell real stories, not just those with happy endings; most times there aren't happy endings
- they have real performers; you can't lip sync or have second chances in a performance
- they suck you into a storyline absolutely and completely
- there will always be tears, whether they're from happiness or sadness
- singing and dancing, what more can you ask for?
- it speaks to an earlier time, when there wasn't television and it was a big thing to be 'going to the theatre'
- you can't not be attracted to talent, and Broadway just oozes talent

For those of you who also love musicals, you understand what I'm talking about.  For those who don't, give it a try.  Watch a bit of the Tonys or some past Tony performances.  There's a show out there for everyone.  I myself have yet to see a show on Broadway, but mark my words, it will be done.

Personal favorites:

And as Neil Patrick Harris so eloquently stated in last year's closing rap (written by my favorite, Lin-Manuel Miranda), "go see a motherf***ing Broadway show!"

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