Thursday, June 28

New Layout!

I know I've been a bit capricious with my blog layout in the past few weeks, but I think I like this one.  I made it with the intent of having a sleeker layout and to showcase the photos I'll be taking or just random pictures I've accumulated.  The pictures and posts should speak for the entire blog.

While I'm posting, and you're reading, here are some songs that I've come across, thanks to my Kooks station on Pandora.

"Books From Boxes" Maximo Park

"Always on My Mind" Phantom Planet

I guess the White Sea Remix of Young Blood led me to look up more of The Naked and Famous.
"Punching in a Dream" The Naked and Famous

I also have to mention that unfortunately, no family visit this weekend.  My work schedule came out for the week after and I've got next Friday and Saturday off.  Which means I'm coming home!  :)  This is so much more exciting than my family coming down for the day.  However, I won't be able to see my sister when I go up.  Also, my secret Modcloth package should have arrived at my house by next week.

Dare I say it, is good?

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